Employee Rewards is the perfect program and platform to manage and facilitate your Rewards & Recognition programs.


Our Employee Rewards program is purposefully designed for Years of Service Awards and Performance Recognition.


How does it work?



  • We build your rewards platform website to your design specifications
  • We design your digital gift card (usually different design for YOS & Performance Recognition) to your specs
  • We create the redemption platform – a website branded to your specs which houses products available for redemption
  • We provide over 4,000 products that your employees can chose from for redemption. (prime brand name gift cards through to the latest home entertainment devices)



  • You provide the Reward details (normally as a bulk list):
  • We (or you) email your digital gift card to recipient employee and provide login and redemption guidance as well as your message of congratulations
  • Recipient employee logins into your Rewards website, navigates the large range of products, orders desired product(s) and pays for the order by inserting their unique redemption code at check out and receives the chosen product by courier, or picks up from local outlet
  • All products are priced at a discount to RRP delivering even more value for employees



We provide you with detailed reports on redemptions, outstanding balances, products most redeemed and more..


Please contact us for more information or for a quote to establish your Employee Rewards Program.


If you combine one of our Employee Benefits Programs with your Rewards Program then you will benefit from a reduced package cost.


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